Well, fall is upon us an temperatures have cooled off.  More people are arriving in Gold Canyon every day.  Some have been coming for years and some are brand new to the area.  One topic that comes up at every Open House event that we host is "how is the real estate market in Gold Canyon?"  In most cases we respond with the three factors that we feel tell a great deal about how the real estate market is performing in Gold Canyon.

First, overall transaction volume is up, pure and simple more Gold Canyon homes are being bought and sold than the two previous years.

Second, Gold Canyon home prices per square foot is up, so homes are selling for more.

Third, the annual home appreciate rate is up versus a year ago. 

Those indicators tell a lot of the story on Gold Canyon Real Estate.  Stay tuned for our next post where we will dive into the "Cromford Index" and discuss what the current market index of 107 means.